40% Alumina Zirconia Grains For Coated And Bonded

The 40% Alumina Zirconia Grains For Coated And Bonded, which we bring to you is processed under the strict supervision of experts so that the quality stays intact always. Our Alumina Zirconia Grain (40%) can be acquired at the cost-effective prices.

More about 40% Alumina Zirconia Grains For Coated And Bonded : AZ40 is true eutectic zirconia-aluminum oxide grain, produced by a unique process. Which involves the fusion of high grade alumina and zirconia at about 2000 temperature in an electric arc furnace. The molten products is cooled down rapidly on special cooling aggregates in order to create tiny crystal size and the extremely fine crystalline microstructure. This structure offers the high intrinsic grain strength and high resistance to dulling. Our AZ40 is one of the most durable materials in the abrasive industry, outperforming other abrasives like brown fused aluminum oxide and silicon carbide.We supply this product in collaboration with Pangea International Ltd., China of whom we are exclusive agents.Applications Product Code Grain Shape Treatment Sizing Convention Bulk Density Grain Sizes Applications AZ40-F Strong Untreated ANSI1.88-2.22 g/cm3 8-220 Bonded AZ40-P Weak Treated FEPA1.93-2.25 g/cm3 20-220 coated